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Vedie Himsl

Avitus Bernard Himsl
Born: April 2, 1917 in Plevna, Mont.
Died: March 15, 2004 in Chicago
1 32 10 21

Vedie Himsl, one of the members of the Cubs' College of Coaches experiment in the 1960s, died on March 15, 2004 in Chicago. He was 86.

In 1961, Cubs owner William Wrigley instituted a College of Coaches plan in which the team's coaches would rotate duties as team manager, or "head coach," throughout the season.

He was the first to participate in the experiment and he posted a 10-21 record in 32 games that season. Other coaches to participate that season were Harry Craft, Elvin Tappe and Lou Klein. The four coaches combined for a 64-90 record.

The experiment continued through the 1962 season with Tappe, Klein and Charlie Metro managing to a 59-103 record. Bob Kennedy managed the entire 1963 season.

Himsl was a coach for the Cubs from 1960 to 1964. When he retired in 1985, he was the team's director of scouting.